New Projects

February 2017 The AOAO Foundation is pleased to announce it’s latest project, the AOAO Foundation Virtual Library.  Learn more Scholarship and Award Opportunities for Residents Two Abstract Research Travel Scholarships The AOAO Foundation Board reviews the recipients in July from among the top scored abstracts submitted to the Annual Meeting. Two recipients are named by August 1. Both recipients must be a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year resident. Each recipient will receive a $2,000 scholarship to offset the cost of travel to the Annual Meeting for which the abstract was submitted. The scholarship will be disbursed after the Annual Meeting and after receipts for travel to the meeting are received by the Foundation from the selected recipients. DonJoy Sports Medicine Research Scholarship The AOAO Foundation Board selects the recipient from among the top scoring scientific research papers in sports medicine by June 1. The recipient must be a 3rd or 4th year resident to be eligible. This $1,000 scholarship is issued by the Foundation to the recipient’s medical school orthopedic library, to be used by the library. The scholarship is paid to the library after the recipient has been named and the Foundation has supplied DJO Global with the name and NPI number of the recipient, along with the name of the medical school library.

AOAO Foundation Mission

The AOAO Foundation was formed to promote the uniqueness of the osteopathic profession by providing financial support to osteopathic orthopedic endeavors for the advancement of the profession.

Foundation Goals

The AOAO Foundation will provide funding that coincides with its mission. Plans for disbursement will highlight the profession’s osteopathic orthopedic focus, community based training, osteopathic concepts, patient-physician relationships and advanced technology. Criteria and application information will be available in 2015.

Industry Partners

The AOAO Foundation welcomes partnerships with corporations who embrace the osteopathic philosophy and focus on education and research.

Board of Directors

President Gary S. Ulrich, DO, FAOAO, FACOS Terre Haute, IN Secretary/Treasurer Olivia E. Morris, DO, FAOAO Prescott, AZ Directors Douglas P. Dietzel, DO East Lansing, MI Mark E. Gittins, DO, FAOAO Columbus, OH Richard A. Scott, DO, FAOAO Cross Village, MI



Send a check

Mail to: AOAO Foundation 2209 Dickens Rd Richmond, VA 23230 The AOAO Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible as allowable under law. For more information about the AOAO Foundation, please contact: Joye Stewart (800) 741-2626.