The Work of the AOAO Foundation

The AOAO Foundation is made up of members just like you and we have an idea we think we could build on–an idea that can serve our field and our members at all levels from students to retired members.

What is the AOAO Foundation Virtual Library?

In short, the Virtual Library serves as a members-only portal to the most used and useful journals, books, and textbooks. Our disciple’s critical texts all in one online location.

Draft AOAO Foundation Virtual Library Vision

We’ve put some thought into how this idea will serve our members and the field… it’s a work in progress, but we envision that the AOAO Foundation Virtual Library will accomplish the following:

  1. AOAO Foundation Virtual Library will serve as the go to place for doctors in training to locate texts and mainstream journals that we use on day-to-day, week-to-week basis.
  2. AOAO Foundation Virtual Library is the place where practicing surgeons can go to refresh on a topic as needed.
  3. AOAO Foundation Virtual Library will be a great shared member resource, defraying individual investment in these texts, and will serve as the established resource location for the profession.

Your Next Steps

The Foundation Board members are engaging in our due diligence into the Virtual Library now. We’ve compiled a wish list, some ideas, lists of critical texts to get us to this point. Now, we turn this over to you, our colleagues.


Thank you for coming to this page to learn more and contribute to the Foundation’s effort. 


The AOAO Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible as allowable under law. The AOAO Foundation was formed to promote the uniqueness of the osteopathic profession by providing financial support to osteopathic orthopedic endeavors for the advancement of the profession.