CME Policy for 2016-2018 Cycle


AOAO Reimbursement Policy for Speakers and Moderators

Executive Director approval is required prior to any arrangements with speakers other than those outlined below. To receive reimbursement or honoraria, presentation must be at least 20 minutes in length. Any other monetary compensation shall be submitted to the Executive Director, in writing, for approval prior to making any arrangements with the presenters.

  Honorarium Per Diem Other
Program Chair     Complimentary CME for their meeting
Committee Chair/Vice Chair     Complimentary CME for each meeting attended during his/her term
Committee Member     Complimentary CME for the meeting for which they develop a session
AOAO Member Speakers     $100 off registration fee for the conference in which they speak if CME credit is desired. If no CME credit is desired, speaker receives $100 after the meeting.
AOAO Member Moderators * Note: all responsibilities must be met to receive honorarium.   $100 per session; if the moderator is a member of the CME Committee and developed the session in which he/she moderated the Committee Member Compensation will apply.
AOAO Non-Member Orthopedic Surgeons None None None
Non-member guest speakers for all other sessions (and key note speaker if applicable)
Honoraria will be $400 per speaking day$350 per speaking day (Speakers are reimbursed for actual expenses up to $350.) The per diem includes lodging & meals. (Incidentals such as service bar, movies, internet, etc are not reimbursable.) Honoraria up to $5,000 will require Executive Director approval and over $5,000 Board approval. Reimbursable expenses: 1. Economy/coach non-refundable airfare only (First class will be reimbursed at the lowest economy fare.); Maximum reimbursement of $600 – unless prior authorization is received from AOAO Executive Director; 2. Taxi, Parking (no valet), rental car for a maximum of actual expenses up to $200; 3. Auto (roundtrip) (reimbursed according to Government allowance)  – reimbursed only if airfare is not claimed.

Past Topics

Members with Fellowship Training

Moderator and Speaker Volunteers

Contact Joye Stewart for a list of volunteers to assist with your session.

How to Write an Objective

Each session must have an objective in the conference brochure. The AOA will not accredit our meeting without this information. Objectives may be summarized, but MUST include all of your lectures and use language such as “Upon completion of this session, the participant will…” Language that includes “will have learned”, “will have reviewed”, “will be able to” is important as it predicts a positive outcome for the learner in your session. Trauma Session Objective Upon completion of this session, through didactic lectures participants will:

  1. Have learned proper staging of soft tissue injuries
  2. Understand the concepts in managing complex fractures of the lower extremities
  3. Have discussed the risks and advantages of bone voids fillers both allograft and autograft.

Surgical concepts to treat supracondylar, tibial plateau and pilon fractures will be discussed first in lecture format and then applied through case presentations and panel discussion. Examples of other session objectives are available under each session in the meeting mobile guide.

How to Write a Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment is the systematic process of gathering information and using it to determine instructional solutions to close the gap between what the physician does know and what the physician should know to be competent or an expert in his or her field. It is a process that collects and examines information about state wide and nationwide issues and then utilizes that data to determine an educational need to be communicated to physician attendees. Your Needs Assessment should reflect at least one or more of the AOA Core Competencies. AOA Core Competencies

  • Osteopathic Philosophy / Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Patient Care
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Practice Based Learning and Improvement
  • Systems Based Practice

Needs Assessment Information for All Sessions AOAO 2017 Postgraduate Seminar Needs Assessment

Session Rotations

56th Postgraduate Seminar – April 8-10, 2016 – Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, Phoenix, AZ
FRI AM Trauma-Steven Morton Peds – Daniel Ruggles
FRI PM General I – Patrick Bull Sports – C. MacLaren
SAT AM General II – Madhu Rao Shoulder & Elbow – Bruce Le
SAT PM  Adult – Richard Crank Spine – Ali Mortazavi
SUN AM  Hand – Paul Chubb  
Annual  2016 – October 13-16, Washington Marriott Marquis, Washington, DC
THURS AM General- Advocacy Keith Frederick  
THURS PM Residents & Fellows- Fred McAlpin Foot and Ankle- Daniel Cuttica
FRI AM General Adult – James Nace, DO
FRI PM Shoulder – David Harkins will find a moderator Trauma – Mark Fleming, DO
SAT AM Hand – Matt Boardman, DO Spine – Chabot will find moderator
SAT PM Sports- Wade Faerber, DO Pediatrics
57th Postgraduate Seminar 2017 – April 28-30 – Omni Nashville, TN
FRI AM General Spine
FRI PM Trauma Shoulder
SAT AM General Sports
SAT PM Pediatrics Hand
SUN AM Adult  
Annual Conference 2017 – Sheraton Chicago
THURS AM General  
THURS PM Residents & Fellow Sports
FRI AM Shoulder Pediatrics
FRI PM Hand Adult – Bryan Hooks
SAT AM Trauma General
SAT PM Foot & Ankle General
58th Postgraduate Seminar – The Terranea Resort
FRI AM Hand Shoulder
FRI PM General Sports
SAT AM Pediatrics General
SAT PM Spine Adult
SUN AM Trauma  
Annual Conference – 2018 – Westin Atlanta
THURS AM General  
THURS PM Residents & Fellows General
FRI AM Foot & Ankle Spine
FRI PM Pediatrics Trauma
SAT AM Adult Hand
SAT PM Sports Shoulder
59th Postgraduate Seminar 2019 – TBD
FRI AM General Adult
FRI PM Hand Shoulder
SAT AM General Sports
SAT PM Pediatrics Sports
SUN AM Spine  
Annual Conference – 2019 – TBD
THURS AM General  
THURS PM Residents & Fellow Shoulder & Elbow
FRI AM Trauma Hand
FRI PM General Adult
SAT AM Sports Pediatrics
SAT PM Foot & Ankle General
60th Postgraduate Seminar 2020 – TBD
FRI AM Sports Hand
FRI PM Spine Trauma
SAT AM Adult General
SAT PM General Pediatrics
SUN AM Shoulder & Elbow  
Annual Conference – 2020 – TBD
THURS AM General  
THURS PM Residents & Fellow Trauma
FRI AM Adult General
FRI PM Hand Foot & Ankle
SAT AM Pediatrics Sports
SAT PM Spine Shoulder & Elbow